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Jan 12

Written by: Crisis Nursery
1/12/2016 1:04 PM  RssIcon

It's been one year since the world lost an amazing person, whose laughter and strength could light up a room. Today, and everyday, we remember Zach McNabney - a true friend and loyal advocate for Crisis Nursery.

In rememberance, here is a story from our April 2015 newsletter about Zach's journey with Crisis Nursery:

"On January 12, 2015, Zach McNabney, former board president of Crisis Nursery, passed away. Zach served on Crisis Nursery’s Board of Directors from 2000-2008, was President of the Board from 2005-2007, and continued serving as a community team member on the Special Events Committee and remained a loyal advocate of the Nursery after leaving the Board.

In the last few months of his life, Zach spearheaded an effort among his friends to donate to the Nursery’s “Day at the Nursery” campaign. As a result of his commitment and the love of his friends, Crisis Nursery was funded for operation on December 24, 2014 in dedication to Zach. Zach’s friends and family have since ensured his memory lives on at Crisis Nursery by contributing three additional “Days at the Nursery.”

In a newsletter from 2005, Zach, then President of the Board, shared the following story about why Crisis Nursery meant so much to him:

'Five years ago a good friend, Jennifer Shelby, introduced me to Crisis Nursery. I must admit at that time I knew very little about the Nursery. When I received my welcome packet, I was asked to help accomplish the mission to prevent child abuse, improve the caliber of programming, and provide more quality services to our families and children. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed.

In an ideal world, there would be no need for the Nursery. For me, knowing that amazing people are working hard to ensure the doors are open every day of the year makes me strive to work that much harder, whether it is trying to find just one more item for the Basket Auction, talking to one more person about the financial needs of the Nursery, or assisting at the Holiday Shop and watching the face of a little child light up when she realizes she has purchased just the right gift for a loved one.

Five years have passed, and I have never thanked Jennifer for the wonderful gift of opening my eyes to a world that I never knew, but will never forget. I have witnessed dedicated people working to make sure that the mission set forth to me is successfully reached each and every day. Crisis Nursery has become a part of my family and for that I will be eternally grateful.'

Zach will forever be remembered as one of those dedicated people who worked selflessly in support of Crisis Nursery’s mission, helping prevent child abuse and neglect in Champaign County. Zach will always be a part of Crisis Nursery’s family and for that, we are eternally