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Sep 30

Written by: Crisis Nursery
9/30/2015 3:34 PM  RssIcon

Crisis Nursery’s Beyond Blue support groups fill a need in the lives of mothers in a way that few other things or people can do. The meetings bring together a group of mothers from all walks of life who are in need of non-judgmental support. Sometimes, it is easier to share personal issues with near strangers than with those who are a part of one’s daily life. That is certainly the case for the woman of this group. 

Last Monday night got off to a slow start. The mothers trickled in one by one. We started the group session with an art therapy project, and the mothers worked on it quietly until the last mother arrived. During our opening introductions, this mother shared that the reason she came to group that night was that she had to leave the house – she and her partner had just had a fight, and he was currently packing his things to leave their home. While the mother had other supports nearby, she felt the most comfortable sharing and processing this event with her fellow moms in the Beyond Blue Support Group. She knew that the support she’d find at group would be what she needed. 

What this mother shared prompted the other mothers to admit that there were many aspects of their lives that they ONLY share during our group sessions. Personal feelings about partners, traumatic events during childhood, and mental and physical diagnosis they have received are just a few examples of what these women trust one another with. Together, they support each other’s burdens – and find them lighter as  result.

- Ann Ambrose, Beyond Blue Family Specialist