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    Crisis Nursery Programming - Fiscal Year 2013
    Annual Report July 2012 – June 2013

    Profile of Crisis Nursery

    The profile of Crisis Nursery consists of total numbers served in both our Safe Children & Strong Families programs.

    Unduplicated Children Served     850
    Unduplicated Caregivers Served 929

    These caregivers and children create the following:

    Unduplicated Families Served         554

    Safe Children Program

    Admissions into Safe Children Program        4,429 
    Safe Children Crisis Care Hours 32,891

    Profile of Children Served

    African American               47%
    Caucasian 28%
    Bi-Racial 12%
    Hispanic 10%
    Asian 3%

    Reasons for Admissions

    Parental Stress 48%
    Job/School Related Crisis 25%
    Medical Related 16%
    Home Crisis 4%
    Court Related 2%
    Domestic Violence 2%
    Public/Support Services 1%
    Mental Health 1%
    Substance Abuse 1%

    Strong Families Program

    Families are changing and Crisis Nursery is adapting by reaching out to assist teen parents, grandparents raising their grandchildren, mother’s experiencing perinatal depression and single parents, to name a few.

    Parent Support Groups 48
    Parent-Child Interaction Groups 65
    Home Visits 975
    NEW! Nurturing Parenting Education Classes 16
    NEW! Fatherhood Initiative Class
    Community & Agency Referrals 1,023
    Follow-up Activities 3,812
    Basic Need Items Given to Families     $70,048

    Crisis Nursery’s Program Outcomes

    Outcomes are measured by self-reporting client surveys for both the Safe Children & Strong Family programs. Out of 443 families surveyed in fiscal year 2013:  

    • 83% reported a decreased level in their stress
    • 95% reported a reduced risk of maltreatment
    • 97% reported an improvement in parenting skills

    Making it possible with their gift…

    Our volunteers assist us with our Safe Children and Strong Family programs, special events, beautiful gardens, mailings and our fundraisers.

    Crisis Nursery Volunteers 1178
    Crisis Nursery Volunteer Hours 15,400
    *The monetary value of their time $335,576

        *The Independent Sector estimates the dollar value of volunteer time as $21.76 per hour for 2013.