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For Parents

Safe Children

Our Safe Children program is available for families who are experiencing a crisis/emergency and no other resources are available to help. The Nursery is child centered and family focused.  Trained professionals and committed volunteers strive to make every interaction positive while providing nurturing care for children. Services are voluntary, confidential and offered at no cost to the parent. If needed, basic care items such as diapers, wipes, formula and clothing may be available.

When at the Nursery, your child will be cared for by trained, professional staff. Your call will be answered by a Crisis Advocate:

Crisis Advocates – this position is responsible for assessing every call that come through the 24 hour crisis line, scheduling crisis care, helping parents with crisis counseling, follow-up, resource linkage and referrals.  

And your children will be cared for by a Lead Children's Specialist and a Children’s Specialist:

Lead Children's Specialists/Children's Specialists – these positions work as a team to oversee the crisis care floor, this entails assessing the needs of the children and delivering individualized care in a positive, nurturing environment.  They also train volunteers while working by their side. With specialized in-services to help develop their skills, these employees make every child interaction about building competence, confidence and mutual respect. The difference between the positions is certain DCFS age and degree requirements; a lead children’s specialist requires a bachelor’s degree, while a children’s specialist needs child care experience.