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crisis nursery's perinatal depression program

Perinatal depression affects one in every ten mothers. It can affect any woman, regardless of race, age, or income level. Oftentimes, there are certain risk factors at play, including:

• history of depression
• lack of social support
• instability in personal relationships
• financial concerns
• challenging life events happening near the time of the pregnancy or birth.

Perinatal depression is often confused with the baby blues because many of the symptoms are the same. However, symptoms of perinatal depression are felt more strongly and last longer than that of the roughly two week period of the baby blues.  Some signs of perinatal depression are:
• persistent feelings of sadness
• irritability and anxiety
• uncontrollable crying
• fear of being an incompetent mother
• feelings of loneliness
• thoughts of harming the baby
• thoughts of death or suicide.

It is very important that if you are experiencing several of these feelings that you speak with someone about the warning signs. Reaching out for help can be a frightening and challenging thing to do, but Crisis Nursery will lend a hand without judgment to assist you through this difficult time.  

Crisis Nursery is here to offer help for mothers at risk for perinatal depression throughout Champaign County in the form of our Beyond Blue Program funded by the Champaign County Mental Health (708) Board and community donations.  We provide support to these mothers and their families in the form of support groups, parent/child interaction groups, crisis care, referrals to other resources, respite hours and home visits. For details about these different services, click here.

Crisis Nursery's staff is here to help you experience the joys of motherhood by helping you find effective ways to manage your stress and care for your baby. Please call 217-337-2730 for more information about our Beyond Blue program.

Beyond Blue Second Quarter Update

Tis’ The Season
The holidays always bring around much hustle and bustle here at the Nursery.  As Family Specialists, we work with members of the community and Nursery clients to facilitate a gifting program called Unwrap a Smile that benefits Crisis Nursery children whose families are experiencing some financial distress.  Mothers who struggle financially are at greater risk to suffer from perinatal depression.  Knowing this, we gave priority to our Beyond Blue participant’s families in assisting them with food and gifts over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For several years WPGU radio station has supported Crisis Nursery’s   endeavors to ease the financial burden of the holidays for our families and this year was no exception.  Through their Operation Santa effort, we held our annual Christmas party with pizza, presents, and a visit from Santa for 13 families this past December.  Between Unwrap a Smile and Operation Santa, 100% of Beyond Blue families were given a brighter holiday.  

Outreach Efforts
A general support group for parents began at Crisis Nursery in December.  We saw strong attendance from members of the Beyond Blue program who benefitted from the wisdom of mothers with older children and enjoyed the much-needed fellowship of other adults.   We continued to offer artistic activities during group, which parents find relaxing and therapeutic.
We spent time continuing to nurture our relationships with referral sources such as Carle’s NICU, the READY program, and Rantoul High School and Eagle Academy.  We gave tours and facilitated groups in attempts to reach out to mothers connected to these places.  

More to Come
We are looking forward to some exciting groups planned for 3rd quarter.  A support group will take place in Tolono at the United Methodist Church.   If successful, we hope to continue it into a Parent/Child Interaction group.  We will be bringing Parent/Child Interaction groups back to the Champaign Developmental Services Center, where we have had success in the past.  We are also very excited to host a combination Parent/Child Interaction group/maternal support group at the Nursery that will focus on nutrition and health.  We will be providing healthy meals for mothers and their children during group.  

What we heard from moms this quarter
"When we are tired and struggling alone with the kids, sometimes you lose patience. To be able to access all of the Nursery’s resources and to be able to bring your kids to a safe place so you can take care of yourself, it’s just amazing. I think every mom needs it. I don’t know where I would be without Crisis Nursery."

Ana Vega, a native of Brazil, is a wife and mother of two, Sophia and Anthony. Her family lives in Tolono. She started utilizing Crisis Nursery’s Beyond Blue Rural services in 2011 while pregnant with her son and continues to use the Nursery’s Safe Children’s crisis care program when necessary. 
We sat down with Ana to ask her five questions about her experience with Crisis Nursery and how her family has benefitted using our services. Her story was featured in our April newsletter; read it here.